Hiring DPW Laborer


PUBLIC WORKS LABORER – Borough of Wharton, Morris County is seeking a highly motivated, responsible, and well-rounded individual for a full time Laborer position in our Public Works department. A Class B CDL license is required for the position. Applicants should have experience operating light and heavy equipment including commercial landscaping equipment, sanitation trucks, and light and heavy snow and ice control equipment. Candidates must be able to work on call 24/7 during emergency situations. Applications can be found here. Union Contract is available here. Applications must be submitted to the Personnel Administrator, Gabrielle Evangelista by May 3, 2019. EOE.


2019 Parking Permits

Starting April 15, 2019 the Police Department will begin enforcing permit parking in municipal lots. No vehicle without a 2019 permit may park in any marked permitted space at any time in any municipal lot. Parking in a marked permit space without a permit may result in ticketing/towing. Without permission from the Police Department, overnight parking in any Municipal Lot is prohibited without a parking permit. Permits are still available at Town Hall for the following lots- Concialdi Park (Robert St.) Lot, Library Lot, Main Street Lot, Millennium (Clock Tower) Lot, and West Dewey Avenue Lot. Permits are $50 for the year. The fee is not due until you recieve a permit. Permits shall not be issued to any truck, tractor trailer, trailer, semi-trailer or omnibus having registered gross weight in excess of 8,000 pounds (4 tons). 

You can find the permit application here. Please be sure to fill out the entire application and include a copy of your driver's license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance. You can submit the application at the Borough Clerk's Office. 

Memorial Park Update

The Borough is honoring our motto of "tradition with progress," by working on plans to update Memorial Park on Main Street. Throughout 2018, a Committee has been working on plans to update the park while maintaining the tradition and respect for veterans. Below are some renderings of the proposal that the Committee has come up with. We will be finalizing plans soon.

Wharton Memorial Park Image 1          Wharton Memorial Park Image 2

Wharton Memorial Park Image 3          Wharton Memorial Park Image 4

Wharton Memorial Park Image 5          Wharton Memorial Park Image 6

Wharton Memorial Park Image 7

Recycling Changes


Only Plastic Containers Coded 1,2, and 5 Accepted

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority is announcing an important 2019 change in its plastic container recycling rules for its single stream curbside recycling program.

Starting this month, only plastic containers (bottles and non-bottle) coded 1,2, and 5 are acceptable in residential curbside recycling.


Look for the recycling symbol on the bottom of the plastic container, advised Morris County’s Recycling Coordinator Liz Sweedy.

The MCMUA’s guidelines apply to the following 20 municipalities, which have MUA curbside pickup: Boonton, Boonton Township, Chatham Borough, Chatham Township, Chester Borough, Denville, East Hanover, Florham Park, Hanover, Mine Hill, Morris Plains, Netcong, Pequannock, Rockaway Borough, Wharton, and the recycling depots in Harding, Mt. Arlington, Randolph, Rockaway Township, and Washington Township. ***

Acceptable plastic bottle/containers include the following:

  • Containers that are coded #1 (PET, Poly-EthyleneTerephthalate) include water, soda and salad dressing bottles, microwavable food trays, and peanut butter container.
  • Containers coded #2 (HDPE, High Density Polyethylene) include milk jugs, shampoo bottles, and butter and yogurt tubs.
  • Containers coded #5 (PP, Polypropylene) include ketchup and syrup bottles, and some yogurt containers.
  • Plastics with no container code (no number in a recycling symbol);
  • Plastics coded #3 (V, PVC Vinyl), which include cooking oil and mouthwash bottles, clear food packaging, and PVC piping;
  • Plastics coded #4 (LDPE, Low Density Polyethylene) used in plastic shopping bags and trash bags;
  • Plastics coded #6 (PS Polystyrene) used in disposable cups, plates, egg cartons, and clamshell take-out containers;
  • Plastics coded #7 (Other) used in three-to-five gallon water jugs and some food containers.

Due to restrictions imposed by China on imported recycling commodities, the MCMUA’s market has been negatively impacted, and some plastic containers are no longer accepted in the curbside program.

Unacceptable plastic bottles/containers include the following:

“Plastic bottles and containers that are coded with the numbers 3,4,6,and 7 are not mandated recyclable materials in the Morris County Solid Waste Management Plan and are not acceptable in the MCMUA’s single-stream recycling program,’’ said Sweedy.

Morris County’s mandated recycling materials are plastic bottles and containers coded 1 and 2 (and containers coded #5 are being accepted), plus aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, steel (tin) cans, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, and organics that include leaves, grass clippings, brush, logs, stumps, branches and tree parts.

The MCMUA also requests that residents make sure their recyclable items are empty, clean and dry before putting them at the curb in reusable containers (loose, and not in plastic bags). There is only one exception for use of plastic bags: shredded paper can be placed inside of translucent plastic bags.

When plastic grocery bags and other flexible plastic film gets to the recycling center, they can be caught in the machinery and cause delays and increased processing costs. Clean, dry plastic bags can be recycled at local stores that have designated drop-off bins for plastic bags.

For additional information about acceptable and unacceptable materials in the MCMUA’s “all-in-one’’ single-stream curbside recycling program, visit www.mcmua.com 

New Traffic Pattern During School Hours

In an effort to improve the safety in and around the school, the Borough of Wharton has changed the traffic flow and extended parking restrictions in the area. These changes will begin on the first day of school, September 4th. The changes include restrictions on school days only and only during school hours (7:30am and 3:30pm). The changes are as follows:

  • East Central Avenue between Denison Way and Lafayette Street will be one way traveling west.
  • Denison Way between East Central Avenue and Baker Avenue will also be a one way traveling south.
  • The no parking area on the north side of East Central Avenue between the school entrance and the new drop off lane has been extended. This area has been marked in yellow for drop off vehicles only. 

Borough of Wharton

Wharton is a community of approximately 6,500 residents in the highlands of Morris County. Wharton is located between Routes 15, 46 and 80, stretching south from the main entrance of Picatinny Arsenal, a major army research and development center, to Route 46 abounded on the west by Roxbury Township and the east by Dover and Rockaway Township. The Borough is approximately 2.2 square miles.

Contact Information

10 Robert Street, Wharton,
New Jersey 07885
Phone - (973) 361-8444

Town Hall Office Hours
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Moday thru Friday

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