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Recycling Information

Recycling information changes rapidly these days.  Changes occur with acceptable and unacceptable materials and the proper preparation of recyclables. Use the links below to access updated recycling information from the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority’s (MCMUA) website:

We hope the following helps with some of your questions regarding recycling.

Wharton’s recycling materials are delivered to Republic Services in Mine Hill where materials are sorted and packed according to type.  Republic Services has identified certain items that have been placed into recycling that are dangerous and may be life threatening; these items are plastic bags, aerosol or pressurized cans, and rechargeable batteries. DO NOT PUT THESE ITEMS IN CURBSIDE RECYCLING CONTAINERS!

  • Plastic bags jam the sorting equipment. Removing the jammed bags is time-consuming, increases the cost of operation, and causes injuries to employees.
  • Aerosol and pressurized cans in curbside recycling are extremely dangerous. The cans explode under pressure-induced situations and can be dangerous for workers and the facility. In some cases these cans have caused fires at recycling facilities.
  • Rechargeable batteries (Lithium Ion, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride): DO NOT put them in the recycling or in the trash. These batteries have been the cause of fires in garbage trucks and at recycling facilities.

How to dispose of your rechargeable batteries:

 1) Call2Recycle – this company has collection boxes located in Home Depot, Lowes and Staples. For more information visit: Call2Recycle | United States.  

2) The MCMUA accepts rechargeable batteries, button cell batteries and lead acid batteries at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHW).  Schedule an appointment to drop them off at

NOTE: For Alkaline batteries (non-hazardous & use-once) tape ends and thrown into the garbage.

Electronic Waste: New Jersey has determined that certain electronic waste must be kept out of landfills as they contain precious metals and materials that are harmful to the environment.  These electronics are: computers, monitors, desk-top printers, desk-top faxes, laptops (including notebooks and tablets) and televisions.  The Borough is assisting residents by collecting these items.  As of now you can purchase a sticker for $10.00 and have an electronic item picked up curbside or you may drop off your E-Waste item at the Department of Public Works, 180 W. Central Ave. free of charge on any E-Waste pick up day between the hours of 12:00 pm and 2:30 pm.  Check your town calendar for E- Waste pick up dates.

In addition, E-waste items are accepted at the MCMUA Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility in Mt. Olive. Appointments are required at this facility and may be made on-line at

Electronic waste does not include the following items: keyboards, mice, speakers, audio equipment, wires, accessories, scanners, appliances, and the like. These items may be placed in your regular trash can after removing any rechargeable batteries, or donated to a non-profit if they are in good working condition.  Rechargeable batteries are to be recycled either at the HHW Facility or in Call2Recycle boxes, see above.

Household Hazardous Waste: If you look around your home and see items that you are unsure how to dispose, you probably have household hazardous waste.  Items that cannot be put into regular recycling and cannot be thrown into the garbage as they are harmful to the environment are household hazardous waste.  These include electronics, batteries, motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze, fertilizer, pesticides, aerosol cans, fluorescent lights, fire extinguishers and more.  Most items brought to the facility for disposal are free of charge to Morris County residents.   Morris County residents may take advantage of the year-round permanent facility (appointment needed) or attend the drop-off events held in the spring and fall.  Appointments for the permanent facility are scheduled by visiting, “Schedule HHW Appointment”.  Dates for the “Drop-off” events are listed on the website.   For more information, including a list of Acceptable and Unacceptable items to bring to the facility, please visit the MCMUA’s website,

Waste Reduction Resources: For information on how to reuse, donate, or upcycle items to keep them out of landfills visit-

Beginning in May 2022 there will be a New Jersey law in place to ban bags, both paper and plastic in stores.  Residents will need to bring their own reusable bags to stores for shopping.  For more information on this upcoming legislation, check


For more information about recycling, please check the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority’s website at  or Recycle Coach at


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